“Natalia is the DREAM makeup artist! I have had my makeup done by her four times and each time, she gave me exactly what I wanted. Perfection! I was on the fence about even hiring a makeup artist for my wedding, until I saw Natalia’s work in Brides of North Texas. I booked a trial run with her; her work was gorgeous, photographed flawless and I just knew she was the right choice. She is a ray of sunshine and felt like a best friend from the moment I met her. I promise, you will feel the same way too!

I actually didn’t sleep AT ALL the two days leading up to my wedding because I was too busy running around finishing last minute things. But instead of feeling and looking tired (I don’t know which is worse) Natalia was so much fun, she had enough energy to share. She made me smile, laugh and genuinely feel beautiful from the inside, out. I really couldn’t have asked for more.”
Roxanne Kimbro
Photography courtesy of RACHEL WHYTE PHOTOGRAPHY

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